Looking Back: Celebrating 1 Year of Maria Pontillo’s ‘Fitness with Maria’ Brand

I honestly have no idea where the time has gone but suddenly it’s 2014 and WordPress recently informed me that my ‘Fitness With Maria’ blog just reached it’s one year anniversary! This may not be a big deal to some, but it’s exciting to reminisce on how far my fitness brand has come. Whether its helping my physical therapy patients complete rehabilitation programs, instructing 10+ group fitness classes per week, working with my amazing virtual clients, or staying in touch and engaged with everyone online, I must say, it’s been a fun and wild roller coaster! Ill admit it’s been tough squeezing it all in. Working 14-hour days going from one job to the next, eating lunch in the car, having dinner at 10pm, just to wake up the next morning at 5am to do it all over again hasn’t been “easy,” but hey – nothing worth having comes easy, right? The point is, I love what I do and inspiring others to achieve healthier lifestyles is what it’s all about to me.



A little less than a year ago I introduced my personalized Virtual Workouts via live video streaming and now, it is a new workout format that is really catching on and more importantly, helping people be active and get healthy! Looking back at my little idea to launch a group fitness workout online and watching the interests expand into an actual “thing” is like a musician hearing his song on the radio for the first time. I cannot wait to see what this year has in store as I am looking forward to many new workout programs and ideas to come!

Over the past year, I have seen my Sweaty Sunday Funday Beach Workout turn into a successful event that has become a fun way for many fitness enthusiasts to add some spice to their fitness routine’s all while enjoying the beautiful Fort Lauderdale beach! The turnout since I started has literally quadrupled and thanks to so many inspiring and awesome fitness clients, my little beach workout with just a few people has now turned into a regular monthly event!! All of the credit and success of my customized beach workout goes to the dozens of committed people who participate. If you are reading this – you rock! You’re the one’s that put in the hard work and dedication! It’s awesome finding so many like-minded individuals who are focused on bettering their health in the South Florida community. Helping others and giving back has seriously brought me so much personal joy and happiness; and for that I say THANK YOU! I am super excited for the next beach workout Sunday May 4th with a special Sneaker Drive donation for Remar USA Christian Ministry, a church in Fort Lauderdale that my father, Frank Pontillo is a pastor for and helps with various community service projects for the homeless.


Sweaty Sunday Funday with Maria Pontillo, DPT


–       December 2013 I launched my first-ever community service workout charity event with Jay Lawrence and YouFreshNaturals, and raised over $500 for the MercyCorps charity with 100% of the proceeds to go towards the Victims of the Haiyan Typhoon!

–       I launched my ‘Rep It Up and Roll it Down’ Workout Program, which has received great notoriety from people on YouTube and Facebook!

–       I became a certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (click here to see me helping a fellow patient with K-Tape), and in return helped numerous physical therapy patients better heal and cope with physical injuries.

–       I am proud of my two articles that were featured in Nova Southeastern University’s 2014 Wellness Made Simple Magazine: “K Tape Trend” and “A DPT Explores Mobility Training”


–       Workout of the Week: Weekly Video Tutorial Workouts, which will be posted on my Fitness With Maria YouTube Channel.

–       Launching mini-series of fitness and health education regarding physical therapy, injury prevention and healthy living.

–       More charity workout events including a Sneaker Shoe Drive for Remar USA Christian Ministry, which will be hosted during my next Sweaty Sunday Funday Beach Workout on May 4th! Remar is a church in Fort Lauderdale that my dad is a minister for and helps with various community service projects.

–       M3 Maternity Mom Meltdown with Maria: This will be a new workout program geared towards new mom’s who are ready to get back in shape after giving birth. I am hoping to launch this in the beginning of June so be on the lookout via email and social media!

I am so excited about all the awesome events and workout programs that I have in the works for the rest of the year and I hope you are too! We all live busy lives, but it is important to dedicate a little time each day to keeping yourself healthy and happy. Eating healthy, having a little alone time and spending just an hour a day doing physical activity will make the difference between living an unhealthy, stressed out life and a happy, positive and active life! Remember: “Fitness is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle!”

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